5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Community Solar Farm

We get it. Making a change in anything can be difficult, especially when it comes to your home’s energy bills. Up until now, homeowners and renters have had limited options when choosing to put solar panels on their property. However, we’re here to tell you that there’s a new way to access solar energy – and it’s actually quick and easy. It’s called Community Solar, which is a large solar array on an open piece of land, where residents within the local community can tap into the energy generated by the array and very easily go green! Below are five reasons why you may want to join a community solar farm:

  • You want to go solar without upfront costs or large investments: Yes, that’s right. There is no investment required from you upon signing up for the community solar farm. You simply pay your monthly utility bills as normal, while receiving solar credits from the energy produced by the array.
  • You want discounts on your monthly electric bills: As stated above, when you subscribe to one of our community solar farms, you’ll receive solar credits from the array, which correlate into a discount on your monthly electricity bills. With no money down required and monthly electricity bill discounts, the financial aspect of a subscription-style community solar project is a no-brainer.
  • You don’t want a long-term commitment: Unsure of where you’ll be living a year from now? Not a fan of a long-term plan or commitment? You’re still able to tap into community solar. Contracts for these solar farms are as short as one year, and are as long as three years, making it easy to try out for a short period of time.
  • You are limited from putting solar panels on your roof: This is the most common factor that prevents many from tapping into solar energy. If you are a renter, you are most likely restricted from putting solar panels on your property entirely. If you own your home, there are several limitations as well. Your roof needs to have enough access to sunlight throughout the day (avoiding trees and shade), to benefit from the cost of solar. You also should ensure your roof is up to date, likely requiring a roof repair beforehand. In addition to physical limitations as a homeowner, the cost of solar can get quite expensive, requiring homeowners to pay a large chunk of money upfront or finance it over time. Community solar eliminates all of this. Because there are no upfront costs or need to put solar panels on your property – this opens up the opportunity of bringing solar energy to almost any homeowner or renter.
  • You want to tap into clean energy produced from the sun: Lastly, this one is pretty straight forward. If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to go green without the premium in price, community solar is for you. You’re truly going green while saving green!

Bringing energy options to individuals has always been important to us as a business. Community solar is just another way homeowners and renters can continue to think about the options of going solar, while disregarding the limitations that might have been in place before. Click here to learn more about our projects.

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