Beat the Heat this Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day! It’s that time of year again, and for many American’s – it’s our favorite day of the year. The Fourth of July seems like the unofficial kickoff to Summer for many of us and is a great way to get together with family and friends to honor American independence & show our patriotism. However, as we face an extreme heat wave across the Northeast during this year’s Fourth of July celebrations, be sure to make conscious efforts to stay cool throughout the day.

  1. Create Extra Shade for Your Fourth of July Party: Creating shade can be as easy as putting your party set up under some trees in your backyard. If this is not feasible, rent a few canopy tents to set up your tables and hang out areas under. Even making sure you have table umbrellas can make a big difference and create great shade. Also, try to cover your face and scalp by wearing a festive Fourth of July hat!
  2. Stay Cool with Water Activities: If you are hosting a party or attending one with a pool, today is the perfect time to utilize it! If you are not near a pool, try incorporating fun games with a sprinkler, water balloons or water guns. We’re certain the kids will love this, but you’re never too old to join in on the fun and cool off!
  3. Prepare/Provide Food That Requires Minimal-To-No Cooking: Even though many us of think of the Fourth of July as a perfect time to have a barbecue, consider changing it up this year and try avoiding the grill as much as possible. Doing so will prevent excess heat generated from the grill and won’t require the need for someone to cook all afternoon. Start off with some snacks such as fruit salads, veggie trays and chips and dip – and make your main course focused on sandwiches and subs. Don’t forget everyone loves tasty treats like ice cream and popsicles, so be sure to have those handy all day.
  4. Stay Hydrated: As you begin your busy day, it may be very tempting to start off with your everyday coffee in the morning. For those of you that claim they “can’t live without it”, just be aware of how caffeine can dehydrate you. Take the extra effort to drink more water that morning and throughout the day as well. That other drink that dehydrates your body? Yup, alcohol. If you plan on drinking alcohol during your celebrations, try to limit your intake as much as you can. Between the sun, the heat and the alcohol, your body will become dehydrated quicker than normal. Regardless, be sure to keep up with drinking ample amounts of water throughout the entire day.
  5. Play in the Shade: Part of the fun that happens throughout the Fourth of July includes the outdoor games we get to play. Cornhole, Can Jam, Bocce and Ladder Toss are some of the many fun games to name a few. To still have fun while staying cool, try setting up your outdoor lawn games under a shady tree. This will keep your guests happy, entrained and cool while enjoying the party outside.
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