What is a BlueRock Community Solar Farm?

No roof top panels. No investment. Pay as you go.


1) We Build.

BlueRock Solar and its partners own and maintain optimally sited solar farms located remotely from your home, yet in your utility billing zone. These solar farms are comprised of large solar arrays that harvest energy from the sun.

2) You Join.

You join a BlueRock Solar Farm near you, pick a plan that meets up to 100% of your electricity needs with solar, and receive credits directly on your electric bill for the solar power you use.

3) Together We Save.

Going solar is better for your wallet and the planet! Not only are you contributing to a smaller carbon footprint when you choose to go solar, you are also capable of saving money. Each BlueRock Community Solar Farm comes with a discount off of your electric rate, specific to each BlueRock Community Solar Farm operating.

For more information about how our community solar farms work, or to see if you’re eligible to subscribe one of our current projects, call us at 800-836-4923.

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