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BlueRock Solar is the solar division of BlueRock Energy, a total energy solutions provider of utility products, energy efficiency services and solar energy solutions. At BlueRock, we offer several energy options to meet your energy needs and overall budget. Our solar division provides homeowners, renters and business owners with the option to go green by tapping into solar energy.

See how BlueRock Solar can help you achieve your renewable goals by going solar.

Community Solar is the newest way to tap into solar energy – without the need for a single panel on your roof. It’s often referred to as a solar farm, consisting of a large grouping of solar panels in an optimally sited location.

BlueRock’s Community Solar Farms are considered subscription style projects, where homeowners and renters can subscribe to a community solar project with no money down or large upfront costs required. Customers simply sign up for contracts as short as one year, pay as they go, and receive solar credits on their monthly electricity bills. These projects also come at a discounted electric rate versus the local utility company rates.

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Solar For Your Home: Community Solar

Our community solar farms provide both homeowners and renters the ability to tap into solar energy without a single panel on their roof. Members of the solar farm can tap into a project without the need for upfront costs or credit checks. Homeowners and renters simply subscribe to the solar farm, pay as they go, and receive a discount on monthly electric rates, specific to the project. Read more about our Community Solar Farms here.

Solar For Your Business: Commercial Solar

Business owners can utilize solar energy through on-site or remote generation. We deliver turn-key solar solutions from free site-assessment to system generation to bring solar energy to your business. Our Solar Advisors can also help explain any federal and state incentives, as well as financing options available. Click to learn more about solar energy for your business.

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