Buy Local: The Ripple Effect is Real

By Phil VanHorne
CEO & President, BlueRock Energy

We hear it everywhere we go. Shop local. Eat local. Buy local. Most of us try to do so as much as possible, not just because it makes us feel good, but also because it makes sense financially. When we buy local, we’re not only keeping money flowing in our own community, we’re keeping people and jobs here as well. In turn, we’re helping to build a stronger local economy that benefits all of us who live here.

Besides, let’s face it – there’s nothing like a local shop or restaurant owner who knows your name (think Cheers), who has your drink ready for you when he sees you walk in, or prepares your favorite off-the-menu dish just because of the relationship you’ve built by often visiting their establishment.

In my experience buying locally, I have found the products to be of better quality – likely hand crafted or at least locally sourced. In turn, this ultimately means the dollars I spend on local products support more than just the person I’m buying from, but also support the person they locally source from, their employees, families, and so on. Now that’s what you call stretching a dollar!

When buying from someone you are familiar with on a local level, the customer service is typically better also. Think about it: When was the last time you had to sit on hold for 20 minutes when calling a local company about a product or service? Chances are, not too often. However, I’m guessing you’ve probably been put on hold for at least that long, or have been transferred several of times, to resolve your issue at hand when buying from a large manufacturer or company.

At BlueRock, we take great pride in being a locally owned company. Not only do we serve our community and region by providing electricity, natural gas and renewable energy products, but we also provide well-paying local jobs that we believe will keep our home-grown talent right here at home. We also make sure we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. After all, they are our neighbors, not to mention the lifeblood of our business.

We also put our money where our mouth is when it comes to buying local. We financially support community organizations to ensure that they thrive, particularly when the organization or business is one of our own customers.

The ripple effect of buying local is real. When we buy local, we are investing in our communities and encouraging local prosperity. More simply put – we are scratching the backs of each other, sharing the wealth, and witnessing first-hand what goes around, truly comes around.

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