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Every company likes to say they're being "green" but BlueRock allows us to follow through on our conservation initiatives in a truly measurable manner. BlueRock's renewable sources - hydro, solar and biofuel - provide us with yet another avenue to demonstrate our commitment to conservation and the responsible stewardship of our planet. Minimizing our corporate footprint is important to us, and BlueRock helps us do it.

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Small Business Solutions

No matter the size of your business, you deserve big options – and big savings – when it comes to energy. Enter your ZIP below to see what BlueRock can offer in your area.

Large Business Solutions

At BlueRock, we’re not here to sell you a prepackaged energy solution. We want to work with you to customize a plan that’s perfect for your business and bottom line.

Green Energy

While usage varies, businesses can be the biggest consumers of energy. The good news is, it provides you with a big opportunity to make an impact by choosing green, renewable energy sources. And it just…


From office supplies to communications services, you have options for the things you need to run your business. And the electricity that powers it all should be no different. That’s why BlueRock offers a range…

Natural Gas

Saving money on the natural gas you need just makes smart business sense. And at BlueRock Energy, we make it easy to find and implement the right solution for you.   BlueLock100 - Fixed Rate Option This…

Buy Local: The Ripple Effect is Real

By Phil VanHorne CEO & President, BlueRock Energy We hear it everywhere we go. Shop local. Eat local. Buy local. Most of us try to do so as much as possible, not…

You have a choice to save.

Help customers avoid seasonal rate spikes and give businesses customized energy solutions, for starters.

It's an energy services company, which provides supplier options beyond those offered directly by the utilities.

With BlueRock, there are no gimmicks, complicated contracts or door to door sales. Just simple, smart ways to save.

Better energy options aren’t the only things that get us cheering.
Check out how we support NY sports teams that rock.

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