Green Energy

Get in the business of responsible energy.

While usage varies, businesses can be the biggest consumers of energy. The good news is, it provides you with a big opportunity to make an impact by choosing green, renewable energy sources. And it just so happens that we’re the company to help you get started.

(Please note: Green plans only apply to electric) 

Green is good for your business.

Now more than ever, customers seek to do business with environmentally responsible companies. In many cases, client bases applaud – and reward – your decision to use renewable energy. That’s a big reason to go green – and show it off.

Green is good for the environment.

As concerns over global warming and pollution continue to grow, green energy can play a big role in preserving our resources and the future of our planet. Green energy results in few, if any, byproducts of CO2 and other pollutants such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and lead when compared with the creation of energy through fossil fuels.

Green is good for the economy.

Whether you’re talking wind, solar, hydro or other forms, renewable energy resources are developed right here in New York State. Furthering their development will keep millions of dollars here, creating more jobs.

Green is good for the future.

It’s called “renewable” energy for a reason. Rather than relying on finite resources, green energy comes from sources that will always be readily available – water, wind and sun.

BluePremier ‘Go Green‘ Option

This plan is 100% based on short-term market prices in electricity markets. Prices will vary each month based on market conditions and the amount of green energy you select. Prices will increase during rising market conditions and decrease during market declines.

You can choose to purchase 30%, 50% or 100% of your annual electricity usage in clean, renewable energy. Green renewable energy comes from 100% New York State generation sources. Sources include wind, biomass and hydro.

Click here to connect with one of our expert Energy Advisors. They can offer a customized energy solution just for you!

Note: The additional cost for renewable energy is included in your BluePremier price. Renewable energy is a premium product and costs more than regular electricity. The good news is our price is substantially lower than most suppliers.


You have a choice to save.

Help customers avoid seasonal rate spikes and give businesses customized energy solutions, for starters.

It's an energy services company, which provides supplier options beyond those offered directly by the utilities.

With BlueRock, there are no gimmicks, complicated contracts or door to door sales. Just simple, smart ways to save.

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