Natural Gas

Better choices come naturally.

Saving money on the natural gas you need just makes smart business sense. And at BlueRock Energy, we make it easy to find and implement the right solution for you.


BlueLock100 – Fixed Rate Option

This plan provides you 100% of your supply requirements at a fixed price for the term selected.

BluePremier – Variable Rate Option

This plan’s objective is to provide 100% of your supply requirements based upon short-term natural gas prices. Your price will fluctuate with market pricing and will vary each month based on market conditions. Prices will increase during rising market conditions and decrease during market declines.

Blended – A Mix of the Variable Rate and Fixed Rate

This plan consists of either 25% (BLUELOCK25), 50% (BLUELOCK50), or 75% (BLUELOCK75) of your supply requirements at a fixed price and the remainder of your supply requirements at our variable price corresponding to the month of delivery.

BluePlus100 – Index price option – mix of variable and fixed rate (subject to change)

This plan consists of the index price option and BluePlus100.

Go Custom.

With BlueRock, you’re not limited to standard options. If we don’t have an existing plan that’s perfect for your business – or you simply want us to take a closer look at your energy needs and options – we’re here for you.

Contact your local BlueRock Energy advisor to get started.

You have a choice to save.

Help customers avoid seasonal rate spikes and give businesses customized energy solutions, for starters.

It's an energy services company, which provides supplier options beyond those offered directly by the utilities.

With BlueRock, there are no gimmicks, complicated contracts or door to door sales. Just simple, smart ways to save.

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