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Commercial Solar
Solar For Your Business

Going solar can be a great way for your business to reduce its carbon footprint while saving money on monthly electric bills. Let BlueRock Solar help you achieve your renewable energy goals through on-site or remote solar generation.

Our Solar Advisors will discuss your energy goals and provide you with a full suite of services needed to get your business into a solar PV system.

Our services provided for your business include:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Product Procurement
  • Permitting
  • Application for Applicable Rebates (NYSERDA)
  • Utility Interconnection Documentation
  • Construction Services

Much of the preliminary work can be done over the phone with our internal technology, which will then indicate our need to visit your business and further refine your energy production possibilities. Please fill out the form to request more information or call us at 877-280-4909.

Commercial Solar Incentives & Financing

The available financial incentives for solar are vast. As each business situation is different, some of the incentives may require a consultation with your tax professional. However, the basics of solar incentives and financing options are explained below:

30% Federal Income Tax Credit

This benefit is applied against the total solar installation cost on your income tax return. This is arguably the most important incentive for solar power as it is a dollar for dollar credit against your tax and not a deduction against your income.

State Rebates and Grant

These vary by state as well. As an offset to your upfront cost, many states have programs available. In New York State, NYSERDA through its NYSun program has incentive programs that support solar projects for commercial and industrial companies, multi-family buildings, small commercial, non-profit and municipal buildings. BlueRock Solar can explain these programs and will handle the necessary paperwork and compliance involved as a value-added benefit.

Accelerated Tax Depreciation

For business, rooftop solar installations qualify for accelerated depreciation over a 5-year period providing further savings when valuing the investment on after income tax basis.

Sales Tax Savings & Property Tax Exemptions

Where available, these incentives will vary by state and local taxing authorities. In the State of New York, solar installations are exempt from the state portion of sales tax and some, but not all local municipalities in the state also exempt the local portion of the sales tax. New York State also allows for a 15-year property tax exemption as it relates to the cost of the solar system installed at your business.


While these incentives may seem complex, BlueRock Solar can help you understand how they work and ultimately lead to great benefits through electricity cost savings.

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