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Grand Island Community Solar Farm

BlueRock Energy is excited to offer you an exclusive opportunity to become a member of our Grand Island Community Solar Farm – coming soon to your area. Community solar can save you money on electricity while supplying your home with clean energy produced right here in the town of Grand Island.

• A 5% discount versus local utility company rates*
• Contracts short as one year
• No credit check
• No upfront investment

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a large grouping of solar panels in an optimally sited location often referred to as a solar farm and are strategically situated remotely from homes and businesses. The solar farm’s panels harvest energy from the sun the same way it is produced using a rooftop panel.

How much money down is required?

None. No money down is required to tap into solar energy through a Subscription-Style Community Solar Project.

How long is the commitment?

Contracts can be 1, 2 or 3 years.

How do I make payments?

Subscribers will make monthly electronic withdrawals from a checking or savings account. BlueRock Energy will notify each subscriber with an electronic copy of the invoice prior to initiating the electronic withdrawal.

Is my banking information safe?

Absolutely. BlueRock Energy is an Energy Services Company (ESCO) with over 21,000 customers across the Northeast and works regularly in keeping customer information secure. The banking information is destroyed and does not reside on any computer network once entered into our secure payment system.

How much does it cost and how much will I save?

The kilowatt hour credits purchased as a result of your subscription will be able to offset all per kilowatt hour supply and delivery charges on your utility bill. The price you will pay per kilowatt hour will be 5% less than the current delivery rates and the previous 12-month average National Grid utility supply rates.

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The following is a brief explanation of how this Community Solar Farm operates. Nothing changes about how you receive your utility bill. You will continue to be billed from National Grid as you have in the past. However, you will notice a line item applied to your National Grid bill called a ‘CDG Generation Credit'. This credit represents the amount that is generated from the solar farm and applied to your bill. Your kilowatt-hour allocation is based off your previous 12-month usage. Any unused credits will rollover from month to month, and you will not lose these credits unless your utility account changes.

As of now the utility (National Grid) does not yet have consolidated billing for Community Solar. Therefore, you will receive a separate invoice from BlueRock Solar for the credits you purchase from the Community Solar Farm, which are at a discount from utility rates (National Grid). In return you will receive these credits on your National Grid bill, as previously explained. The discounted rate on your BlueRock Solar invoice is a fixed rate for one year. This rate is calculated from your current electrical delivery charges and your average 12-month supply for a residential Service Class One meter. Please note, due to the billing cycle and your meter read date, the credits you receive will approximately be one month behind your National Grid bill. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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