High Energy Costs Need Not Plague Brewers

By Phil VanHorne

CEO & President of BlueRock Energy

Breweries both large and small find energy costs to be one of their greatest operating expenses. According to the Brewer’s Association, the largest drain is in refrigeration requirements (35%), followed by electricity used for packaging (25%). Other areas that impact electricity usage include the broiler house, lighting, the brew house, and compressed air. The brew house and packaging are also big draws on natural gas usage. Finding new methods to reduce these costs in daily operations is essential to managing the bottom line.

Whether employing special programs to secure a better price during higher volume periods, exploring energy efficient products that could include retrofitting, or obtaining an analysis to improve lighting and HVAC systems, there are many viable options to consider when cutting energy costs.

For over a decade, BlueRock Energy has been providing superior service and supply to the brewery industry, creating carefully crafted energy plans and building long-term customer relationships with numerous brewery owners.

Empire Brewing, an award-winning brewer of handcrafted ales and lagers in Syracuse, New York was seeking a way to control rising energy costs as they expanded their market reach. By working with a BlueRock Energy Advisor, they were able to customize an energy plan that minimized their risk and maximized energy supply market predictability, saving them 15 percent on their energy bills.

To learn how you can cut your energy costs while keeping your brewery running at the highest level of production, contact our customer experience team at 877-280-4909. Our team will connect you with your dedicated area Energy Advisor to help customize a plan that best meets your energy needs.

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