“Insuring” Against High Energy Bills

By Phil Van Horne
CEO, BlueRock Energy

We all know we need to protect our valuables should something unfortunate happen to them. That’s why we carry insurance on our house, our cars, and ourselves. Some of us even take out insurance policies on our pets! We buy insurance because we want to protect ourselves against being faced with large bills if something bad happens. So why not think similarly when it comes to your energy bills?

Fluctuating weather can bring fluctuating energy prices and therefore your energy bills will go up and down as well. Having the option to capture and lock into an energy rate to ‘insure’ that you don’t get stuck with a large bill when the price of energy increases, is like having an insurance policy on your energy costs.

Similar to the many items you may have insurance for; the risk you run is the “what if” factor. For example, you pay a medical insurance premium each month to protect yourself from high medical bills when you visit a doctor. You’re paying for medical insurance because you can assume you or your family members will visit a doctor’s office a few times per year. If you don’t visit often, you still know that in the event you do get sick, you can make the visit without worrying about receiving those high medical bills. The same goes for locking into a fixed rate for your energy. As a home or business owner, you cannot guarantee that a summer is going to be extremely hot, or a winter is going to be exceptionally cold. However, you can assume with the fluctuations in weather temperatures, comes increased supply and demand. From there, you can proactively make the decision to lock into a fixed price, and ensure your energy bill will remain consistent. Doing so will protect you from rate spikes that occur during those potential hot summers or abnormally cold winters.

At BlueRock Energy, we are constantly monitoring the energy markets and the weather patterns that have historically impacted them. We combine our industry expertise with our group buying power, which enables us to protect our customers from escalating energy bills by buying when the prices are low and passing those saving onto them.

I encourage you to explore the option of locking into a fixed energy rate before the winter months hit. If you call us at 877-280-4909, we can take a look at your energy bill and advise you on your best options to help avoid energy price spikes.

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