Intern Success Stories

By Phil VanHorne
CEO & President, BlueRock Energy

Many good employers know there’s nothing more satisfying than offering that ‘first job’ to a dedicated, intelligent, talented college graduate who is grateful for the opportunity and eager to learn. But investing in a new employee is in some ways like buying an expensive car. You typically wouldn’t buy it without taking it for a test drive to determine if the additional expense is worth it. It’s called R.O.I.
At BlueRock, interns are being test driven for their future job every single day. We know from their resume what they are majoring in, and may be familiar with their areas of interest and skill from what they tell us, but we want to see them in action and see how they handle the opportunity put in front of them. Do they stand back and watch or jump in and go above and beyond what is expected? Do they fit into our company culture? Do they bring skills that could potentially fill a void for us? Do they bring the ‘wow’ factor?
We’ve had a few who have done all of the above and I am proud to have offered them their ‘first real job’ out of college. They continue to impress me and the rest of our team on a daily basis. Here are their stories:

Brittany Murphy: BA in Communications with a Concentration in PR & Advertising
SUNY Cortland Class of 2016
Internship title: Social Media Intern
Current job title: Social Media Coordinator

Brittany was an intern throughout the last semester of college, and brought to the table a skill set that we were missing. We needed someone who was savvy in social media and she proved to be just what we were looking for. She had a can-do attitude from the start and broadened our social media presence ten-fold. She was hired as a full-time employee shortly after graduation in June 2016.
“Throughout college, I always knew how crucial internships were for this specific reason. They help you get a better feel for the area you’re looking to have a career in, and open doors to further opportunities and connections. BlueRock Energy is a company that encourages learning, growth and opportunity, for all of its employees. I view my career at BlueRock as one with endless possibilities. Thinking back to where I was just a year ago, it amazes me for how far I’ve come in my career. That would not have happened if it wasn’t for the great opportunity that BlueRock offered me as an intern.”

Matt Salanger: Dual Major in Finance and Business Analytics
Le Moyne College Class of 2015
Internship title: Operations Intern
Current Job Title: Pricing Analyst

Matt was an intern for BlueRock from May – December 2015 and was hired shortly after as a Retail Analyst in the Operations Department. Within less than a year, he advanced into his current position as Pricing Analyst within the same department and continues to prove his R.O.I.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at BlueRock Energy. The opportunity of turning an internship into a full-time job made my transition from being a student to starting my career much easier. One of the best parts of working for BlueRock is the people. Everyone has been very supportive and I really enjoy working with them.”

Bobby Campese: BS in Business Management
St. John Fisher College Class of 2016
Internship Title: Customer Administrator Intern
Current Job Title: Wholesale Operations Analyst

Bobby interned with BlueRock throughout his last year of college in the Administration department, and was hired full-time in June of 2016 as a Customer Administrator. After a short stint in the Administration department, the Wholesale Operations Analyst position opened and we promoted him. Bobby continues to thrive.

“BlueRock believes in promoting from within the company first. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that believes in their employees and recognizes hard work and persistence. After my first year, I have realized that BlueRock Energy is a great place to work because of the people I am surrounded by every day.”

Colton Evans: B.Tech in Web Development
Morrisville State College Class of 2016
Internship Title: Webmaster Assistant Intern
Current Job Title: Marketing Analyst

Colton’s major in college required him to complete 480 internship hours upon graduation and lucky for us, he spent those hours interning with BlueRock. He was a stand out from his first day, taking on projects and solving complicated technical issues for us. We saw great potential in him therefore offered him a full-time job as an Assistant Webmaster the day his internship ended. After working on a series of projects, Colton’s direct supervisor noticed he had the analytical skills needed to become our Marketing Analyst and was quickly promoted. He continues to impress all of us every day.

“My boss wasn’t afraid to challenge me and I was hungry to grow as an employee, so it was a perfect fit. I’ve quickly learned that if I have the same mindset that I had as a football player at MSC – of wanting to be great and wanting to be a part of something even greater, that you can’t help but be successful. Being successful at work doesn’t just happen, just like you don’t magically become a better athlete overnight. It takes a solid work ethic, initiative, and a desire to get better every day. BlueRock hires others with a similar mentality, which is why I expect great things to come for BlueRock as a company, as well as for my fellow interns turned full time employees.”

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