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Working for BlueRock Energy is incredibly exciting, and one of the things I enjoy most is offering a wide variety of energy saving options for my clients. As a Project Manager for BlueRock Energy Services, I love being able to offer businesses additional ways to save money. One way we can help your company is with a complete LED Retrofit.

First, we start off by having our team of Project Managers facilitate an on-site assessment of all outdated lighting at your facility. Once we’ve catalogued all of your lighting, we go back to our office and analyze your potential savings from switching to LED. We then calculate the installation costs and any incentives available from your state or local utility. Sometimes our clients don’t realize the substantial savings that come along with this process, and that’s where we can help. With the numerous incentives and rebates available for energy efficiency upgrades, it can make these types of projects a “no brainer” to business owners.

Here’s how it works:

If the current lighting in your facility is not LED, you’re using more energy than you really need to be. Because LED bulbs use less energy than CFL’s, incandescent, and HID lights, they create an instant savings the minute they are installed. It’s really straight forward; the less energy you use the less you’ll pay per month on your utility bill. In many cases, the amount of money your company is saving from implementing LED’s is enough to pay for BlueRock’s lighting retrofit to be done. We also offer several financing options to best meet the needs of our customers and work to make the payment process as simple as possible.

 “BlueRock Energy Services offers a creative financing option that helps you get the product ordered and installed, while making installment payments until the product is paid for. We will pay for this lighting project in 4 years with our electrical savings which means no cash flow needed from our finance department. After the product is paid for, we will have unbelievable additional monthly savings.”   – John Ciampi, Manager of Maintenance & Facilities, Currier Plastics

Once the project and financing plan is complete, you’re able to fully reap the benefits of LED lighting. You’re then capable of showcasing your business as green, sustainable, and energy efficient, while implementing better lighting for your employees and saving money along the way. It’s truly a win-win.


-Jon Davis, Project Manager, BlueRock Energy Services


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