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Customer Testimonials

I am very happy with the service I have gotten from BlueRock and my bill has been comparable or less than it would have been with Grid. I will stay with BlueRock and would recommend them to others.

Libby Broderick

BlueRock Energy customer

Green Energy

If you’re looking for ways – or reasons – to go green, we’ve got a seemingly endless supply. Let’s start with a look at some of the benefits. (Please note: Green plans only apply to electric)  …


At BlueRock, we’re all about the power of options. In terms of electricity, that means you have your choice of a range of plans including fixed rate, variable rate and more. Read on for a…

Natural Gas

There’s more to home energy than electric. Natural gas plays a big role in heating and powering your home – and with the right plans, it can power big savings too. Fortunately, you’ve come to…

What is Community Solar? – NYSERDA

What Is Community Solar? Community solar is an array of panels installed in a sunny location. Anyone in the area can access the clean energy produced by these solar panels and…

You have a choice to save.

Help customers avoid seasonal rate spikes and give businesses customized energy solutions, for starters.

It's an energy services company, which provides supplier options beyond those offered directly by the utilities.

With BlueRock, there are no gimmicks, complicated contracts or door to door sales. Just simple, smart ways to save.

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