Restaurant Success is More Than Just Serving Great Food

Restaurant owners are up against a lot of odds. Even with an awesome menu, there are several other factors that play into its success. Competition and word of mouth are key, but location is by far one of the biggest factors. However, location is not just about the part of town a restaurant is located in, or the ease of parking. Location also includes size, age and overhead, leading to high energy costs to heat, cool and cook.

According to the EPA, restaurants use between 5-7 times more energy per square foot than any other commercial business, with the biggest energy consumption coming from cooking appliances (23%), water and space heating (19% each) and lighting (11%) the restaurant and kitchen. Such expenses can send a restauranteur’s budget into the boiling pot.

Finding solutions such as energy-use reduction initiatives or energy demand balancing can help to manage costs. For example, implementing a startup/shutdown plan to make sure you are using only the equipment that you need, when you need it is one way. Looking for energy efficiency upgrades in equipment and monitoring usage spikes are another.

Making other changes, such as adjusting an energy plan to a fixed rate for both electric and natural gas can protect against energy rate spikes that can negatively impact budgets. Incorporating a combination of short- and long-term energy plan options can make a big difference as well.

BlueRock has been supplying electric and gas services to thousands of restaurants over the past decade, with one goal: to help reduce costs on energy bills. Our energy advisors guide restaurant owners through fluctuating market conditions and develop customized energy plans to ensure minimal risk and maximum predictability. By taking a look at a restaurant’s total energy context, we can develop recommendations to tailor a solution to ensure energy bills aren’t eating profits.

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