Why Deregulation is Your Friend

By Phil VanHorne
CEO & President, BlueRock Energy

Some people are confused by what deregulation is and/or means to them as a consumer. Simply put—it means you are now in control of which companies you choose to do business with and the price you are willing to pay for goods and services. It also means you save money.

Remember the days when we only had three TV stations to choose from— NBC, ABC and CBS? With the deregulation of cable in 1984 came the innovation of set top boxes, DVRs and hundreds of channels. Now we have so many choices of what to watch on TV that it’s almost mind boggling. What’s even more crazy is when you find yourself saying, ‘there’s nothing on TV’.

With deregulation comes choice, which drives competition, which drives down prices. That’s the beauty of it. Companies must compete for your business; to give you what you want, when you want it, and at a fair price, because if they don’t—they’re out of business.

This holds true for all deregulated industries, whether finance and banking, airline and other transportation industries, or wireless communications companies. Consumers are in control through their purchasing power. They choose companies that are competitive in their prices and offer the best customer service. Without competition, there is no incentive to keep prices down or treat customers well because you’re locked in. Thanks to deregulation—you now have the key—and it’s called choice.

Before energy deregulation in the 1980s and 90s, the only option energy consumers had was to buy their gas and electricity from their monopoly utility company. Once deregulation was approved, the market opened up, offering consumers a choice of suppliers, products, and the ability to compare rates and pricing.

BlueRock Energy provides an alternative to the utility company, allowing consumers to take control of their energy bills by providing options that utility companies cannot, such as fixed pricing. Consumers still have to pay the utility companies to deliver the commodities (we can’t do anything about that) and we can’t help the amount of tax that all of us have to pay for goods and services, but through our strategic purchasing of commodities, we can lock in when rates are low to help our customers control costs through variable or fixed rates, depending on what best accommodates their energy needs and budget.

When consumers have a choice, those who offer fair and reasonable rates and quality customer service will prevail. It may take some time to research who has the best prices and customer service, but thanks to the internet, that’s easier now too.

When it comes to your energy provider we invite you to check us out. We have energy advisers and a customer experience team standing by to help guide you through your energy decisions.

Our mission is simple: provide our customers energy options by offering quality products at reasonable prices and treat them well in the process. You could say deregulation was key in allowing us this opportunity. We will never take it or our customers for granted.

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